DESERT®/TROPIC® general information

The application of PV modules in the extreme climates of the desert regions involves specific requirements concerning raliability issues due to high environmental stresses influencing all module components. Up to now, PV
modules and certifications are optimized for the needs of the major PV markets of the past, being mainly situated
in Europe before 2014.
To reach typical lifetimes of 20 to 25 years also for desert regions, the technical configuration and design of PV
modules and components needs to be adapted to the specific environmental conditions. High stress levels have
to be considered as challenges especially for the following environmental factors:
» High irradiation level, including UV
» High ambient temperature, also including high temperature changes
» Sand and dust: soiling and abrasion
» Relative humidity
» Mechanical loads (wind speed)
A desert module should be optimized to harness the great potential of the high irradiation levels in the solar-rich
countries, reducing losses due to durability issues at the same time. By optimizing design and used materials as
well as introducing innovative new technologies such as bifacial and half-cell modules or durable Anti-Soiling
Coatings (ASC), a strong position can be reached in the emerging energy markets of our future. The following report describes the main challenges and possible solutions for the development of an optimized “Desert Module”

DESERT®/TROPIC® Module – a development having potential

 Why a desert module? Solar energy, today, is being produced all over the world. Nonetheless, it is particularly in the regions in which the sun has the maximum power that modules are often exposed to extraordinary stresses.
Extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, high atmospheric humidity, strong winds and sandstorms.
In several cases, off-grid deployment is also necessary here. J.v.G. has dedicated itself to developing module technologies that are adapted specifically to withstand these extreme conditions.
The Desert Module Technology™ achieves with the help of the so-called highpower temperature process considerable performance enhancement versus comparable modules