Key Figures Of Al-IZZ

AL-IZZ HJT Solar Technology Pioneer in Iraq

Key Figures Of Al-IZZ

 The brief data to understand our company



 HJT technology development
requires not only investment, but
also high level intelligent for R&D



 Our Team of R&D achieved
HJT solar cell world record
in M6 size wafer of a 25.26% 
efficiency in July, 2021



 Planning for a much bigger
playground as the HJT
market will significantly grow
in the next 5 years. Al-IZZ’s
planned capacity will reach
2.5GW in 1 year, and 10GW
in 5 years



 The potential of HJT is to the
ability to increase the
efficiency based on HJT with
other technology such like
Perovskite tandem which is
also in our R&D pipeline

Better Product

Better Warranty

15 years product warranty.

30 years performance warranty.

(Output Power Reduction ≤12% in 30 years

Output Power Reduction ≤10% in 25 years)

Al-IZZ M6 HJT Record -25.26%

Certified HJT cell efficiency record 25.26% by Institut für Solarenergieforschung in Hameln (ISFH) on 2nd July 2021, with M6 size cell, Currently the world record.


The R&D team of Al-IZZ worked in few month to improve the HJT solar Cell efficiency since the production started. And several major milestone has been achieved on the development of N-type heterojunction cell technology.



The next topic of cell efficiency improvement is to introduce doped microcrystalline silicon or doped microcrystalline oxidation (carbonization) silicon instead of the current technology, to improve the doping density, light performance, meanwhile reduce the doping layer resistance, and finally increase the current density of HJT solar cell