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156-cell Bifacial HJT Mono Half Cell PV-Module Series


Product Warranty


Linear Power Warranty


Extreme Power Production

The module efficiency up to 21.44% achieved by utilizing the most advanced technology in the solar industry

SuperMBB Half-Cut Cell Technology

Using the advanced 12BB solar cell conbines with half-cut cell technology to guarantee more power

Advanced Bifacial Efficiency Bifaciality

Bifaciality 92%, effectively improves backside power generation. A bifacial cell design that generates energy from both sides, capturing and converting more sunlight into power even with a backsheet

High Energy Yield

Excellent weak light performance and better performance in hot climate. Leading temperature coefficient for more production when the sun shines strongest, Or under the cloudy, haze condition

Guaranteed Better Durability

Certified for snow and wind loads of a maximum of 5,400 / 2,400 Pascals and with better protection against harsh weather to improve cell life for long-lasting high power

Industry Leading Output Warranty

Huasun solar cell technology result in extremely low LID and PID which supports reliability and longevity. 12% power degradation in 30 years.

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