Introduction of HJT

Al-IZZ Solar (IZH)


A PV Cell Technology Platform

Hetero Junction with Intrinsic Thin-Layer ( short name as HJT
or HIT) solar cells are based on N-type silicon wafer, with two
different layers which are Silicon based film and TCO film, this is
the key for HJT solar cell.

  • 28.5% Theoretical efficiency , 25.5% Massive production potential;
  • A better P-N structure compared to normal solar cell;
  • Optimized padsivation structure, longer lifetime of carrier;
  • Low Temp(250 dec) & Low Energy Consumption processing, suitable for thinner wafer. 

Tandem Cell is an update for the thin-film Cell industry

Equipment land Covering ~3.2%
Equipment invest CAPEX~13%
Efficiency improve 5%, Module cost reduce 15.2%

  • 42.5% Theoretical efficiency, 30%+ Massive production potential;
  • 15%+ per watt Cost reduction;
  • Compatible with current HT production line;
  • Industrialized in 2025.

Technology Comparison