Higher Power Generation- Case 1

SYSTEM:3.3KW * 3


 HUT Bifacial yield is 7-8% higher than PERC Bifacial yield

 HT Bifacial yield is 14-16% higher than PERC glass-backsheet sturcture yield

In order to testify the performance in real application, there are HJT installation with PERC solar panel installation under same condition of environment.

Higher Power Generation- Case 2

6PCS of Al-IZZ(IZH ) 450W bifacial
6PCS of 450W PERC bifacial
Time of Installation: July, 2021
Temperature of Installation: 45~55°C

:Data analysis

Inverter output Max : 2510W vs 2397W ( +5.5% )*
HJT Bifacial vs Perc Bifacial (during test date)*
Power gain 8~10%, 450W HJT Bifacial module equals to 495W Perc
HJT Bifacial vs Perc Monofacial*
Power gain +20% , 450W HJT Bifacial equal to 540W Perc monofacial

Advantage in power production

Weak light generates high power

HJT solar cell uses N-type monocrystalline silicon wafer, while PERC solar cell uses -type monocrystalline silicon wafer. HJT soar cell generates about 0.5-1.0% more electricity per W than double-sided PERC cells

93%-95% Bifacial Efficienc

Considering the 10%-20% backside irradiation and the difference in the bifacial rate of the cell, the power generation per watt of the HT solar cell is about 2%-4% higher than that of the bifacial PERC cell


HT solar cell temperature coefficient -0.26%/°C, about 0.13%/°C in advantage: HJT's power generation per W is about 0. 6~3 996 higher than Bifacial PERC.

High Reliability

There is no LID caused by the B-O effect and the use of TCO film is the best anti-PID, ensuring long-term durability and profitability

Low attenuation rate

HJT solar cell attenuate 1%-2% in the first year, and then attenuate 0,375% annually, which is much lower than PERC's attenuation of 2% in the first year and 0.45% in subsequent years. HJT solar cell full life cycle per W is about 1.9%-2.9% higher than the bifacial PERC solar cell

Optimal LCOE

The most promising technology to reduce the LCOE